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Foulard / Seidenschals. Cool Luxury Street Wear Announcement. Guy Lafranchi Ltd Gladscapes Edition 2. First Edition 2021, 65/65 cm,  sold out. Time again to share stories, emotions and patterns out of my Architecture Concept paintings. Cool Launch in November 2022. This time the Scape format is 90/90. Each Scape is accompanied by a Story which informs about the background of the drawing, out of which the title of the 5 new fashion accessories patterns are defined, such as "Tectonics", "Haiku", "Bridge", "Balance", "Hope".

The Silk Scarfs are signed, numbered and limited to an amount of 100 per design. The original Paintings are to be sold at the launch Event at a luxury street fashion show with labels such as Palm Angels, Off-White and Asics. 

Proceeds will go to, an association to support Sherpa families in Nepal to enable their children to continue their education.

The original Paintings, as exclusive and unique prints on concrete surface are available at

On there is background of my daily Architecture and Design Boosts.

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